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Live Desi radio stations from India and all around the globe.
Also add your own  streaming Desi channels / podcasts.

Live India toolbar - Indian TV and Radio made easy
Indian TV | Hindi radio

Download Live India Toolbar (installs in seconds) Live India toolbar is a must for every Indian or NRI. it combines powerful features and time saving tools for improving your browsing experience. this tiny software is packed with online radio player, online Hindi TV streams and India news grabber - and that's just the beginning.
It is also fully customizable,  easy to use and totally free of charge.

Live India | Live Indian TV | Hindi radio online

Take a look at some of the features (Screenshots also available):

  • Listen to streaming Desi radio  - You can also add your favorite radio stations by yourself.

    Featured live Desi radio stations: Radio of India - Bollywood, Radio Sai Global Harmony, Asian gold radio, Minnal FM, Shayam radio, Radio India, Radio Brisvaani, City 101.6, Sukh Sagar radio, Radio Mirchi, Yaar radio, Sunrise radio, Taal FM, Amor FM, Radio Tarana, Planet Bollywood, Amrit Bani radio, Bombay Beats, Desi radio, Guyana NJ FM, Kismat radio, RBC radio and more.

  • Watch live Indian TV - right on your browser window! We include the best streaming Desi Channels and new ones are being added all the time.
  • Built in Search box - Use variety of search engines (Google, Rediff, Wikipedia and more) to find exactly what you are looking for.
  • Live news from India - Stay updated with latest topics via RSS feeds from India main newspapers. also check weather forecasts anywhere easily.
  • Indian Directory of hand-picked links - Many useful links from Cricket to Bombay stock exchange.
  • E-mail notifier (optional) - Get notified when you recieve mail to you POP3, Gmail, Yahoo!, Hotmail box.
  • Pop-up Blocker (optional)
  • Fully customizable, simple and safe to use (no Adware / Spyware certified).
Your Desi media center
Ever wanted to watch live Indian TV channels on your browser? listen to streaming Desi radio stations online? get the best  Indian entertainment in a click?
OK. your'e in the right place.

Live India team develops free and simple apps, gadgets and websites for Desis.
We Provide creative web solutions for keeping up with the Desi culture - live Indian TV, live Indian Radio, streaming entertainment, news feeds and much more.

Our well known application - the Live India toolbar, is featured right above.
More to come soon...


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Any user interested in India-specific content should give this free toolbar a test -
Not just is the Live India toolbar one of the most handy stuffs for listening to radio, watching indian news, or searching major search engines it also acts as a handy email notifier and bookmark list for major indian content providers on the internet. Best of all - its clean, no spywares or system vulnerability bugs - Kundan